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Saturday, June 9, 2012

An Unprovoked NYPD White Shirt Slams His Baton into Protestor’s Throat

Bloomberg's Cops Are Off The Hook and Out Of Control

From YouTube:
On May 1st the Occupy Wall Street movement along with Unions, immigrant works unions and thousands of students took to the streets. Along with the strikers probably 10,000 NYPD officers mostly dress in riot gear, on scooters or sleeping in police vehicles waited to suppress the 1st amendment rights of those out to speak up against economic and environmental, citizen right and many other issues.
This happened outside NYU and Washington Square park when a protesters was walking across the street and came across a white shirt officer obviously anxious and untrained in self control. He assaulted a protester with his baton, with more force he would’ve broke the neck of the young man


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