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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Michael Bloomberg's Private Army: NYPD Sergeant Fights Crime With His Long Penis - Bloomberg's cops are out of control.


Most cops deter criminals with their guns, or batons, or fists, or pepper spray, or even just their wits. But NYPD Sergeant Lesly Charles has a really long penis, so he uses that.
"I have the long dick. You don’t," Charles informed a man accused of parking illegally in Brooklyn's Kensington neighborhood on April 28, before adding, “Your pretty face — I like it very much. My dick will go in your mouth and come out your ear. Don’t fuck with me. All right?”
Charles also threatened to put his gun up the man's ass and to put the man's own shit in the man's mouth. Basically, Sergeant Charles is prepared to insert anything into any bodily orifice, for justice.

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Know your rights when talking to a police officer:http://policecrimes.com/police.html There's no law that requires you to talk to a police officer at anytime.

A New York City Police Department sergeant has been caught on video threatening several Brooklyn men with his gun and with sexual assault.

Cell phone video obtained by the New York Post shows Sgt. Lesly Charles launching into a profane tirade while talking to several men who are suspected of criminal behavior.

"I have a long dick, you don't," Charles says. "Listen to me. When you see me, you look the other way. Tell your boys, I don't fuck around. I'll take my gun and put it up your ass and then I'll call your mother afterwards. OK? And I'll put your own shit in your mouth. Alright?"

"You guys are hustling or whatever, I ain't got no problem with that," he adds. "But when I come around and I speak, you fucking listen. Tell your boys."

"Your pretty face, I like it very much. My dick will go in your mouth and come out your ear. Don't fuck with me.

According to the Post, the 21-year-old man who recorded the video was arrested that evening for disorderly conduct. More than 20 earlier arrests included charges relating to larceny, weapons and drugs.

Reached at home by the paper on Sunday, Charles explained he was "just doing God's work."

"You know I can't comment... Have a blessed day."

A source close to Charles said he was simply "trying to get the message across in a way they could understand."


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