“Money speaks for money, the devil for his own”

Monday, November 5, 2012

As rescuers were finding dead old people starved and dehydrated and without their oxygen canisters and medications dead in their apartments Michael Bloomberg shouted "Let the games commence!" and insisted that the NYC Marathon go ahead as planned. That got squashed when the Road Runners Club told him "no go." I am surprised the asshole didn't then proclaim that the Halloween parade go ahead in its place, but maybe someone with a brain has his trust on some matters.

This storm is like nothing I have seen in my over sixty years living in NYC. I plan on putting on you tube some of the devastation I observed. As of now, around 40,000 of the eight million New York City dwellers are either completely without housing or are in housing that lacks heat, water and electricity as the cold weather season starts in earnest. Half of these displaced people are residents of Public Housing- not celebrities, not rich, many with no resources at all. Worksites are demolished or put out of operation. This is not a time for me to come and ask you to give to charity. Much more than charity is called for. This, dare I say, is a crisis that grips a majority minority city and its environs. And while it impacts heavily on people of every race it has landed with full force on the traditionally and customarily disadvantaged.

There needs to be a revolution in priorities, something that neither Obama nor Romney would speak of, Obama out of fear, for he must actually understand this, nor Romney out of idiotic superstitious arrogance and Mormon stupidities. The best shot of course is to go with the Black Guy who afgter all is pretty bright (Harvard Law Review ) and familiar with how the "little people" live ( (having once been one himself) tomorrow. At least he can be pressured to do what has to be done. With the Mormon and a Tea Bagger Congress those people who live in areas close to oceans must abandon all hope.

Jill Stein voters are throwing Minorities, Gays, Women, Unions, and now the environment itself under the bus. Let's gear up to raise holy hell and make the necessary revolution happen and let's not slam the door on our own fingers.

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