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Thursday, July 12, 2012

New York Taxi Fare Increase etc....

 Published on Jul 12, 2012 by NikitaKhruschevSr

?Green taxis?" Somewhat, up to a point I suppose, but not what you think or what you are touting. Remember your brilliant taxi share a ride schemes Mikey? All went into the toilet fast. They were great ideas except no one wants to share a taxi with four total strangers and no cabs showed up at the passenger free taxi dispatch points. I know you believe that the taxi business must be very simple and you can make rules for it without consulting anyone but sooner or later... Well the fleet bosses seem to have put the kibosh to your billion dollar five borough taxi scheme. Must have pissed you off alot because you turned around and proposed a taxi fare hike with the taxi medallion bosses getting bupkis which will teach them a lesson. As a taxi driver I am glad they beat you and also glad you were so pissed at them you raised the fares and cut them out! You never would have thought much about giving ordimary own no medallion taxi drivers a break without an ulterior motive: Revenge, teaching upstarts manners. That means my income goes back up to where it was in 2008!. So, my name isn't really Nikita and I am appreciative of the new fare but let me tell you a few things now that I might have your attention. Qatch the video but maybe sit down while you do that.

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